Why Join RMICC?

We have numerous opportunities to help your business grow as the RMICC will be a conduit for your business for commercial, government and tribal accounts. If diversity is important for your corporation, government agency or tribal economic arms, the RMICC will be your conduit to reach Native owned companies.

Contact us today to learn how you can become a member!

Get Involved

Membership benefits:

  • Numerous networking opportunities
  • Event participation
  • Webinars
  • Help navigating various business challenges
  • The ability to greatly help Native students
  • Increased visibility for your business
  • Opportunity to promote your events or business on our website
  • A member listing on our website, giving you further help in growing your business
  • A bridge to numerous, mutually beneficial entities such as government organizations, other small businesses, largeĀ­ corporations, and numerous individual subject-matter experts
  • Benefits from Chamber promotions to travelers, visitors, and those considering relocation

Member Levels

Corporate sponsorship

If you would like information on becoming one of our corporate sponsors, please contact us. We will set up a meeting with senior leadership from our Board of Directors. They will listen to your goals, share insights about the work the Chamber does, and most importantly, they will tailor a membership package to fit within your budgetary guidelines. Sponsorships are crucial in helping the Chamber sustain its efforts in helping Native-owned businesses and the ongoing higher education of Native students.

Business membership/Tribal Membership  

You can join the Chamber with a business-, or individual-level membership. Joining gives you the ability to tap into any of the above-mentioned benefits.

How Can You Further Participate?

It takes a great deal of help from our volunteers to keep the Chamber running. Your participation is immeasurable, and highly valued, if you would like to participate further, simply contact the Chamber, or a board member directly. We welcome all volunteers.