Karcher Introducing Our New Dealer Portal – Infonet

We are excited to announce the launch of Infonet, our dealer portal which will replace the current Kärcher and Windsor Kärcher Group floor care dealer portals in 2019. Current dealer portals will remain live for some time. One key benefit of Infonet is that it will require only a single username and password across all brands, a convenience designed to save you time.

Bookmart the URL for Infonet

Phase 1 is scheduled to launch next week and will provide you with:

– B2B ecommerce ordering*
– Ability to add unlimited items per order

– Ability to order chemicals

– Save shopping cart feature

– Order history, item look-up, pricing and availability, and Open/Closed invoice search
– DISIS (spare parts lookup) and add to cart functionality
– Product Information
– Catalogs

*Note that the KIOS and ecommerce sites will be redirected to Infonet at launch.

Within the coming months Phase 2 will add Warranty, Leads Management, ROI/Quick Quote, Rewards and Shipping Calculator to Infonet. Please watch your email and Infonet for news of upcoming enhancements.

Very Important: The role of a “Local Admin”
In Infonet, Local Admins are the key users for each dealer/distributor and are responsible for adding and maintaining users for their company. Local Admins must register their “sub-users” in order for them to access Infonet. Please reference the Infonet User Guides on the home page of the current dealer portals for information on how to add “sub-users” for your organization.

Only Local Admins will receive a new username and password via email prior to launch.

If you are not the Local Admin for your company or need assistance, please contact [email protected].

Browser Compatibility
Infonet is compatible with the following desktop browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Firefox 61
  • Chrome

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