Karcher: China Tariff Impacts Pricing

The new China tariffs began impacting the United States in early July. Some of the products Kärcher offers in the US market are either manufactured in China, or are produced in the US with components manufactured in China. Currently Kärcher has been trying to absorb these additional costs, which is unfortunately not sustainable.

We are notifying our customers today that on October 1st Kärcher will be implementing a tariff price increase on products impacted by the 3rd round of new tariffs. Revised pricing for these items will be sent to you over the next several weeks as we learn what the round 3 tariff costs will be. As we continue to learn more how these component tariffs will impact our business, we will communicate with you any additional increases we may need to implement in the future or a reversal of current tariff impacts.

This increase is regrettable but strictly due to the tariffs. We are sincerely thankful for your partnership and support as we work through these new business challenges.