How do I join the RMICC?

We welcome new members! If you’d like to join please contact us using this form or calling us at (303) 629-0102. You will be able to pay your membership dues online using credit card, or you can mail a check. More information about the RMICC membership are found on THIS PAGE

We will notify you once your membership account is created online. Please allow a few days to process as it will be entered by one of our volunteers. Your membership account will be created using the email address you provide as a main contact. You can add multiple contact people once the main account is set up by logging into the account.

How do I login to my account?

Click “Member Login” and use your EMAIL and PASSWORD to login.
If you do not remember your password, OR if this is your first time logging into your account, click “Forgot Password?” and instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you.

You will receive an email, so please watch for it and follow the instruction to confirm your subscription. The email may end up in your junkmail folder. If it does, please mark it as “not junk” then add to your safe sender list. (The email will come from [email protected])

** Your company IT department or email service provider may have strict email filtering policy, if you followed the instruction above and still not receiving emails from, you may need to contact them for their help to whitelist This is more common for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Service institutions. Some email service providers like AOL and Comcast has spam filtering that may hide the emails you received that they deemed spam. You may need to log into your account then see your setting to see if this is the case. We need to make sure that you are receiving emails because all our membership communications such as renewal notice and other critical communications will be sent via email from If you feel that you are not receiving emails from the RMICC, please follow the steps above to check then contact us if these steps above did not help resolve the issue.

How do I RSVP for a Meeting/Event?

  1. Login to your account, then on the Member Dashboard, click “RSVP for an Event or Meeting” on the left (the third item down the list).
  2. Scroll down the list of events and find the meeting/event you would like to RSVP then click “RSVP”
  3. Type in the names of the people who will be attending the meeting/event, then click “Continue”
  4. On the RSVP Input Form, select “Yes” under “Will you be attending…?” question
  5. Select the ticket type from the dropdown
  6. If you are bringing guests, please select “Yes” – if “Yes” then fill out the rest of the information. If you are bringing more than one guest then click on “Add Another Guest” and fill out the information.
  7. Click the red “Submit button”
  8. Your RSVP will be processed then you will see the “Thank you” page with the confirmation message. You will also receive an email confirmation. (If you paid online using credit card, you will receive a second confirmation email from our credit card processor).

How do I edit my Member (Company/Organization) Profile?

NOTE: This is the information about your business that other members and potential leads will see. Please double-check all information is current and correct.
Once logged in, click “Member Profile” to view your current public profile.
To edit your profile, click “Edit”, make changes, then click “Update” at the bottom of the form.
IMPORTANT! Click on “Update” when you make any changes before leaving the page.

Please follow these guidelines to make sure your Member Profile is perfect.

Please double-check for typos and accuracy.

Company Name:  (Type EXACTLY the way you want your company name to be displayed)
Capitalization, LLC, Inc., P.C., & etc. Please DO NOT use all caps
ZIP: 5 digits ONLY
Phone: use (000) 000‐0000 format
Website: use format
Category: Select a category (if you don’t see your category, please email [email protected] to request a category we try to group businesses in popular categories that are most likely to be searched for, so when we receive your request, we may make suggestions to ensure the maximum exposure for your business.)
Show on site (checkboxes): Check which you wish to show to the public on the website. Showing your address on our site will also show a map of your location.

How do I add media (pictures/videos) to my profile?

At the bottom of the “Edit Member Profile” page, click on “Add Media” to add up to 4 images and the code for your video.
IMPORTANT! Click on “Update” when you make any changes before leaving the page.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on “EDIT” by your name on the Member Dashboard, then scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Enter New Password then re-enter in Confirm Password then click on “Update”

How do I renew my membership online?

When you log into your member account, it will take you to the “Member Dashboard”, click on the green “Renew/Upgrade” button next to “Membership Status”. On the next page, enter quantity (= number of years you are renewing your membership for) under “Order Information”, then verify/update your payment information then click “Checkout”. Confirmation emails (you will receive 2) will be emailed to you when your payment was processed properly. Please verify your charge is correct. If you have any question or ran into any problems, please contact us from this page.

** IMPORTANT! – If you are paying by credit card, your billing address and zip code must match the ones that are associated with the card you are using. It may not be same as your business address in some cases. The information on the form is populated by your membership information, so please double-check it before you click on “checkout” or the charge may be declined.

How do I add/change the contact person for my company?

To create New Contact:
Log into your Member Dashboard, click on the green “Create New Contact” button, fill in all the information, set the password, then click on “Update”.
*If this person is your main contact, who can also make changes to your account, then check the box by “This person is an administrator”. The first person listed in your account is the main contact who will receive renewal reminders via email.

To Update/delete existing contact’s information (change password):
Log into your Member Dashboard, click on the “Edit” button by the name of the person you want to make changes. Update the information then click “Update”

*If this person is your main contact, who can also make changes to your account, then check the box by “This person is an administrator”

If you need to delete the contact, then click on “Delete This Contact”

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]