Colorado Legislative Update for Businesses March 9, 2018

Colorado Business Legislation Updates March 9, 2018

HB18-1261 (Weissman (D)) – Colorado Arbitration Fairness Act
The bill establishes impartiality standards for, and requires disclosures of perceived conflicts by, arbitrators. It permits a party to challenge an arbitrator based on the failure to meet the new standards and disclosures before or during arbitration.

HB18-1262 (Jackson (D) & Roberts (D)) – Arbitration Services Provider Transparency Act
Requires arbitration services providers such as the American Arbitration Association or JAMS to provide extensive reporting to the state regarding the types, numbers, parties, dates, costs and results of every arbitration conducted in the past five years. Failure to comply can result in disqualification of the arbitrator services provider.
SB18-171 (Holbert (R) & Williams (D) | Pabon (D) & Sias (R)) Marketplace Contractor Worker’s Compensation Unemployment
SB-171 aims to provide clarification for those using online application platforms on determining whether a marketplace contractor is an employee according to the Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado.