Colorado Legislative Update for Businesses March 30, 2018

HB18-1311 (Rankin (R) & Hamner (D)) – Concerning The Method For Setting Rates For Individual Health Insurance Plans Offered In The State
This bill would establish a single statewide geographic rating area for individual health insurance plans.  Costs of provider services vary dramatically from region to region in the state. Denying insurers the opportunity to reflect those costs in rates removes pressure on providers to lower prices in high cost areas and drives overall insurance costs upward.
HB18-1312 (Hansen (D) & Herod (D) | Donovan (D) — Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado
The bill creates state-level “Net Neutrality” enforcement after the FCC returned jurisdiction over this issue to the FTC. The bill prohibits an Internet service provider that violates net neutrality standards from receiving state phone or broadband subsidies. The bill gives that determination, and therefore authority, to the Public Utilities Commission, whereas the PUC today has no oversight of the Internet.
HB18-1316 (Pabon (D) & Exum (D) | Cooke (R) & Williams (D)) – Extend Colorado Department Of Labor And Employment Skilled Worker, Outreach, Recruitment, and Key Training Grant Program
The WORK Act was the largest part of the 2015 bi-partisan workforce package. This bill extends this program that provides CDLE matching grants to industry organizations for the recruitment of students to attend career and tech ed programs. The WORK Act has a good track record, leading to over 1,000 new employees for the construction industry, for instance, and this bill directs the department to prioritize grants to past recipients with proven results.
Additional Bills…

HB18-1305 (Coleman (D) & Neville (R) | Neville (R)) Income Tax Credit Check-off Young Americans Financial Education
HB18-1308 (Kraft Tharp (D) & Becker (R) | Hill (R) & Kagan(D)) Concerning An Exemption From The Workers Compensation Act For Nonresident Employers Whose Employees Are Temporarily Working In Colorado