Allison Neswood Fights for Justice

Allison Neswood, a health care attorney at the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, in her office in Denver, Colo., on 2/27/18 (Photo by Joe Mahoney)#JPM0102

By Kristin Jones

Allison Neswood is a health care attorney for the Colorado Center on Law & Policy (CCLP), a Trust grantee and participant in Health Equity Advocacy, a group of organizations working together to build a strong and diverse field of health equity advocates in the state. Her job at CCLP is to advocate for access to health care and other basic needs, with a focus on public benefit programs.

What are you most proud of in your work?

In my role, I work in partnership with many phenomenal people to ensure that Coloradans have the tools to create prosperity and good health in their own lives. Broadly speaking, this work is meaningful to me because it gives me the opportunity to apply my legal training to the fight against poverty and the unfair systems that create it.

I feel lucky that I get to wake up every morning believing in the work that I do. I view it as a central role of an attorney to fight for justice and that fighting poverty is fundamentally a justice issue. Poverty is not about attitudes, beliefs or moral failures. It’s systemic.

One of the things that CCLP is trying to focus more on is to think about the equity implications of our work and whether our work is really meeting the needs of all communities, including communities of color in Colorado. One of the things I’ve been focusing on is immigrant access to health care and public benefit programs. This has involved making sure that program rules are implemented in accordance with the rights of our immigrant communities and that immigrant families aren’t foregoing the public support they’re entitled to because of fear. There’s legitimate fear in immigrant communities because of policies and rhetoric on the federal level. One of the areas of my work that I am most proud of is my work to build CCLP’s capacity to support our immigrant communities.
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