Mortenson Construction is seeking bids for the following scopes on Phase II Admin Bldg for the Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment project. SEE ATTACHED NOTIFICATION


Scopes of Work:


  • Rain Water Harvesting Tank       
  • Access Floor                     
  • Food Service Equipment               
  • Fire Protection  



Anticipated Bid Package Release: April 26, 2017


Preproposal Meeting for these trades only May 4, Denver Water Project Site will be uploaded by the end of the day May 2nd for time and location.


Anticipated Bid Due Date: May 17, 5:00 PM


The Denver Water Administration Building is not anticipated to start construction until late 2017/early 2018.  Early procurement of these contractors from permitted set of drawings is desired for preplanning, shop drawings, design and coordination.  We are also trying to lock in material and labor pricing for these scopes based on a schedule that will be included with the bid package. 






Marsha Nelson, Community Participation Specialist

Denver Operating Group

1621 18th Street; Suite 400

Denver, CO 80202


Mortenson | Building what’s next.®  

mobile 303.416.5422


Denver Housing Authority
777 Grant St.
Denver, CO. 80203
RFP - Request For Proposal
On-Call Architecture and Engineering Services
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The Denver Housing Authority is requesting that all interested parties submit a formal, sealed bid/proposal for the specified solicitation: RFP-17-015 - On-Call Architecture and Engineering Services

Pre-Bid Conference Date: 4/17/2017 10:00AM
Pre-Bid Conference Location: Hirschfeld Tower
Pre-Bid Conference Address: 333 West Ellsworth Ave
Conference City: Denver
Conference State: CO

Questions in regards to this solicitation must be submitted in writing to by 4/21/17 at 4:00 PM MST

The due date for this solicitation is on 5/3/2017 at 4:00 PM MST

MBE/WBE's are encouraged to participate in the bid process.

City and County of Denver General Services Purchasing Division
12 Bid Opportunities Updated Thursday April 20th, 2017
Solicitation Pubished Closing
Number Title Date Date
28473Q Panasonic security cameras and accessories 04/20/17 05/04/17
28472Q Intuicom digital transceivers and related equipment 04/20/17 05/04/17
10089A Moving services for City of Denver 04/20/17 05/16/17
28469X Speed detection equipment 04/18/17 04/25/17
28449 Car wash heater installation 04/13/17 04/28/17
28464 Temporary emergency housing financial assistance 04/11/17 05/03/17
10892 Moving services for Denver International Airport 04/07/17 05/02/17
28465 2017 Printing needs – Solid Waste Division 04/05/17 04/27/17
0575A City-wide mediation services 03/20/17 04/21/17
28436 Consulting services – neighborhood planning initiative 03/16/17 04/25/17
28435Q P25 Public Safety Radio System Replacement 03/07/17 06/01/17
28447 Next Gen 9-1-1 Emergency Telephony Platform 10% MWBE Goal 03/06/17 04/24/17

Upcoming Solicitations
28471 Canned airfield lighting
28470 Alvarado optical security turnstile
10130 Parks signage 28468 Various 2017 vehicle configuration 10430 Event staffing and personnel services – Theatres & Arenas, goal is pending
10893 Head start delegate agency 28467 Portable air compressor
10051 Mountain Parks vehicle maintenance and repair
28466 Nintex for Office 365 10891 Security Guard services – Denver Arts & Venues, 11% Goal 28462 2016 Honda Pioneer 100-5p deluxe 28461 Radio lapel microphones DFD
28460 Recording studio B upgrades
28459 Fire truck repair #e80
28458 Search based business intelligence system 28457 Replace and install LED lighting fixtures 28456 Replace Macurco CO monitors and fan control systems in Webb building
28455 Installation of 2 ½” chilled water bypass valve on 2nd floor of the Rose Andom Building
10889 Annual solicitation to provide pavement marking tape
28443 Floor tiles and installation 10441 Facilities services for Denver Arts & Venues sites. Goal percentage is pending
28450 F5 Maintenance renewal – Software purchase – Technical support 10888 Annual solicitation for Valmont light poles
28453 Gym equipment
28448 Professional services for the organizational assessment of the Department of Public Works and Transportation
10887 Annual solicitations to provide moving services for Denver International Airport (DEN)
28439 Purchase various street maintenance warning signs
28434 Purchase and install of flooring for Red Rocks
28433 Purchase and install of outdoor LED Screen for Red Rocks
10885 Annual solicitation to purchase flagstone awards for Red Rocks
28432 Repair to engine E69 from vehicle collision
28431 Repair to fire engine R14 collision
10884 Annual solicitation to find an on-call vendor to repair sanitary and sewer pumps Highlighted solicitations are part of the Covered Goods and Services Ordinance
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