License Plate Form Instructions

How do I obtain an American Indian Scholars plate?

We no longer issue certificates (printed or digital).  The only document sent is the digital receipt.  You must input an email to receive the digital receipt of payment.  That is what you must show to the DMV clerk.


Motor vehicle and motorcycle plates are now available in all counties!

To get started:

1. Click on the license plate below

2. Fill out the online license plate application form.

3. After the application form is saved and submitted, you should be redirected to the payments page.

4. Select the Make Payment button, input total donation amount, and select continue. (You will be redirected to the final order form)

5. *Important* for the description field please input the Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle(s) that the license plate(s) will be affixed to. (If this deductible contribution is for a gift and the year, make, model details are unknown. Please include the following description: “American Indian Scholars Gift

6. Fill out the rest of the payment information and you must include an email address for your digital receipt.

The purchaser may show the digital receipt, via printout or digital device, to the Motor Vehicle clerk as proof of payment.
Purchaser may complete purchase while in line or with the Motor Vehicle Clerk on site. You will be required to pay the standard license plate fees, taxes, and a one time $50 Specialty plate fee.

Your digital receipt is only valid for 2 weeks. Only process your payment when you are certain you can claim at your local Motor Vehicle office within the  2 week period. Failure to do so could result in a 3wk delay of processing. Should the receipt lapse beyond the two week grace period, the purchaser must contact RMICC options. Purchaser may reach RMICC during regular business hours, 303.629.0102.

Proceeds go directly to the American Indian Scholars Scholarship fund. Additional donations are greatly appreciated.

If you would like more information, please send us an email at




Your donation is tax deductible, and subsequent donations to the scholarship fund are always welcome and appreciated.


This program is in partnership with Colorado Indian Education Foundation (CIEF)!!



New steps to acquire the American Indian Scholars License Plates:
1. Visit
2. Click on the License plate button
3. Complete online application
4. Complete online payment (will automatically redirect you to the payment page after application is submitted. If not,
click “membership / payments” to manually reach the payments page.) Minimum $25 amount per certificate.
5. After processing credit card/Echeck payment online, applicant receives an immediate email confirmation of payment.
The purchaser may show the digital receipt, via print out or digital device, to the clerk as proof of payment. Purchaser
may complete purchase while in line or with the DMV Clerk on site.
To help eliminate the risk of fraudulent behavior, these digital receipts are only valid for 24hrs. Should the
receipt lapse beyond the following business day, the purchaser must contact RMICC for issuance of the
Certificate. Purchaser may reach RMICC during regular business hours via our general office line, 303.629.0102.
License Plate Application Form
License Plate Application Form
*  Name:
*  Email:
*  Date:
*  Address:
*  Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
*  Number of Certificates:
*  List the county/counties where each certificarte will
be registered (each certificate will specify a county):
*  Total Amount for Certificates
($25 each):
*  Additional Amount Donated to Scholarship Fund:
*  Total Amount Due
(certificates amount + scholarship donation):
*  Enter what you see:
License Plate Info

American Indian Scholars Licence Plate

NOW AVAILABLE for your vehicle (personalized plates and motorcycle plates).


Help spread the word that our American Indian Scholars need your support.


The American Indian Scholars License Plate is a Colorado State issued plate with a medicine wheel design by Francis Sherwood. Colorado residents may secure one for a $25 donation plus specialty plate and registration fees. To obtain your certificate, please contact the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce at 303-629-0102.

Click here to learn more about the Scholars License Plate Program from the website of the Colorado Indian Education Foundation.

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