March 20, 2018 (212 days ago)
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Southern Ute Indian Tribe expands economic development

David Eppich, Economic Development Manager for the Permanent Fund.

Stepping into a newly created position, David Eppich is now the Economic Development Manager for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Permanent Fund.

The position was approved by the Southern Ute Tribal Council, and is under the Tribe’s Director of Strategic Planning, Eric Thayer. The position is envisioned to create and develop new economic development opportunities for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe under the Tribe’s Permanent Fund.

“We will be working closely with the Growth Fund in terms of development,” Eppich said. “The Tribe wants to diversify economic programs, which [in turn] will provide employment, small business opportunities for tribal members in a way that is also diversified. Growth Fund and Permanent Fund can be aligned and in concert with each other.”

Eppich will be taking the point on the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document, to be completed in July. This is an aspect of economic development of the Permanent Fund, with a five-year implementation of the goals and objectives outlined. It will be the foundation for economic projects and grant funding. “It’s all aligned — this improves opportunities to obtain funds from the federal government, or other outside sources,” Eppich said. “This is the most important aspect of the job right now.”

Eppich hails from Farmington, New Mexico. “I’ve worked in the Four Corners for a long time, and I’m excited.... (CONTINUE READING ORIGINAL ARTICLE:  CLICK HERE!!)

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