February 08, 2018 (227 days ago)
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Colorado, United States
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Native American Bank Purchases Building in Denver, Colorado
February 2018

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Native American Bank, the only Native American-owned nationwide financial institution, is excited to announce it will be moving its headquarters from a downtown Denver high-rise into a high-visibility building on South Broadway in 2019.

Native American Bank has purchased a 13,730 square foot building in the historic Baker district of Denver, with plans to retrofit it for its headquarters and its first true Colorado branch bank. Native American Bank is owned predominantly by Native American tribes, Tribal corporations, and Alaska Native Corporations throughout the United States.

The single-story building, which currently houses an architectural and interior design firm, lends itself to creating a signature look and feel that Native American Bank is looking for, said President and CEO Thomas Ogaard.

"Since we're a Native American Bank and most of our shareholders are Native American entities, we wanted something that isn't...your traditional office building. It's got a little bit of an industrial feel to it, but we think we can also put into place the feel that we're looking for with Native American Bank," he said, adding distinguishing features will include Native American artwork.

The bank, whose clients include both Native Americans and non-Native Americans, expects to move to the new space by mid-2019.

"We're excited about it and looking forward to the change." Ogaard said.  "Having an actual branch presence in Denver will allow us to better serve the needs of the many Native-American owned businesses in this area."

Native American Bank is a national community development focused bank, and is also a certified Community Development Financial Institution, with a mission to provide financial services for Alaska Native and Native American communities creating economic independence, development and sustainability.  For more information on the bank, please visit:

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