February 03, 2016 (812 days ago)
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Milender White's joint venture team Tah Yas (performed as MW ORCA JV1) recently completed interior and exterior renovation work on the historic Byron White Courthouse. This milestone project is the largest for the joint venture group to date. (read more)
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Milender White has started construction operations on Ascent Union Station in Downtown Denver. The new 14-story, mixed-use Greystar development is set for completion in Fall 2019. (read more)
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01/28/16 Denver, CO – Scaffolding is now going up to begin renovation of the Byron White Federal Courthouse in Downtown Denver.  Two American Indian Owned Construction Companies celebrate the success of winning the $12Mil GSA contract for renovations.  In December 2013, Tribal One and Milender White announced the approval of a Mentor/Protégé arrangement, the only one of its kind in the nation (MW Tribal One / Tah Yas).  Job announcements and recruitment for the project are rolling out this week and continue throughout completion of the project, estimated Summer 2017.  U.S. Small Business Administration approved the arrangement as part of Tribal One’s participation in the agency’s 8(a) Business Development program.


As an integral part of the SBA’s 8(a) Business Development program, Mentor-Protégé arrangements enable successful firms to provide business development assistance to participating 8(a) businesses. The idea is to enhance the capabilities of 8(a) businesses to meet their business plan goals and improve their ability to successfully compete for contracts.


According to Karl Kennedy, president of Tribal One Communications, Milender White is the perfect partner to help take the high speed, telecommunications company to the next level. “In Milender White we are working with a company that has a great deal of expertise that complements our products and services as well as a company that has been very successful in commercial contracting,” Kennedy said. “This is a great opportunity to learn from a successful company and to expand our ability to take on larger and more complex projects.”


The Mentor-Protégé arrangement also expands Tribal One’s geographic reach beyond the southern Oregon Coast. Milender White has focused its construction management services on the Rocky Mountains and has expanded into California, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest, having worked in 25 states throughout the country.


“Our partnership has been on-going over the past several years,” said Bryon White, President and CEO of Milender White Construction Co. “We have found the management team of CEDCO and Tribal One to be of the highest integrity and with the same value system. We look forward to many years of success.”


“Tribal One now has the ability to take its services beyond the local market and into new growth areas,” Kennedy said. “This will help our company grow, improve our services to our current customers and the local community, and continue to provide economic opportunity to the Tribe”


Under the terms of the SBA program, mentors make available their expertise, resources and capabilities to the protégé. They can help protégé companies improve their competitive capabilities and can enter into joint venture arrangements to compete for, and perform on specified government contracts. They also can provide financial assistance to help protégé companies raise capital. The purpose of the Mentor-Protégé program is to enhance the capabilities of the protégé, assist in the protégé meeting its SBA approved business plan, and improve the protégé’s ability to successfully compete for contracts.


About Tribal One Communications: ORCA Communications is a DBA for ICT Operations in Coos Bay, Oregon. ORCA Communications is the business name for Tribal One Broadband Technologies, LLC, an SBA Certified 8(a) Information and Communications Technology Company owned by the Coquille Indian Tribe. TRIBAL ONE provides comprehensive IT, telecom and fiber optic network solutions and services for businesses and governments throughout the U.S. To learn more, visit the company website at


About Milender White Construction Co.: Milender White Construction Co., is a Colorado based general contractor, providing comprehensive pre-construction and construction management services. The firm brings extensive experience to complex construction projects, both negotiated and competitive bid. In1997, Mike Milender and Bryon White founded MWCC on five well-defined principles they call ConstructAbility®: Build, Innovate, Perform, Connect and Achieve. Since that time, the firm’s track record as a general contractor and construction manager has led it to being a respected and competitive firm in the marketplace.


About CEDCO: As the business arm of the Coquille Indian Tribe, the Coquille Economic Development Corporation is committed to securing the financial health of the Tribe and to making a proactive, positive contribution to the economy of Oregon’s South Coast. CEDCO manages The Mill Casino · Hotel & RV Park along with business ventures in high-speed telecommunications and renewable energy. # # # #

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