February 13, 2016 (1257 days ago)
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Kids' Workshops Highlights from Natives Go Global Manchester Trip


NGG Delegation Group Photo01/20/16 Denver, CO – Kids' Workshops was amongst the first delegation group of American Indian Businesses/ Professionals/ Educators/ Native Community supporters on a Trade Mission to Manchester UK for Natives Go Global in December 2015. The project, partially funded by Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade, supported Commerce, Culture/Art, Education, and Ambassadorship Exchange with American Indian Businesses and Manchester City Contacts.

RMICC - What motivated you to apply for participation in Natives Go Global?
B Kids Workshops - We felt very inspired about being a part of this important delegation. We have always wanted to expand our work with the UK and other countries and share our native philosophy in education and counseling and other areas working with children.
RMICC - What was the biggest challenge leading up to your participation?
B Kids Workshops - Money.
RMICC - What goals did you hope to achieve while in Manchester?
B Kids Workshops - Make contacts with different People and organizations where we would have  the opportunity to present presentations about the way we work with children, Kids' Workshops and also present training programs to train people to be facilitators for our Kids' Workshops.
RMICC - What was the biggest surprise to you when you were in Manchester?
Barbara: I felt that I had gone back in time to another era and I did not expect that! I expected to see Tiny Tim somewhere.
Heather: I was surprised at the rituals with the mayor. They reminded me of what I have seen in old movies and fairy tales. I was happy to see that they have kept their traditions and rituals.
RMICC - For budget conscience travelers, what tips do you have when traveling to Manchester?
B Kids Workshops - Get your air ticket early. We enjoyed local food such as fish and chips in the pub and it was less expensive. Wait and exchange money in a UK airport. Try to stay in the center of the city where you can walk most places.
RMICC - If you could splurge on one thing upon your return to do business in Manchester, what would it be?
BarbaraB Kids Workshops - We would go to London to be able to talk about our presentations and kids workshop with a person in the embassy. We feel that the way we work with children and the kids workshop would be very helpful for Embassy children who move around most of their life and are in different countries. We would travel to another part of England to visit two student centered schools Summerhill, and Brockwood to speak with them about our work.
RMICC - What was the funniest memory from Manchester?
B Kids Workshops - When we came out of the BBC studios in a heavy rainstorm and waved for a taxi he rolled the window down and he looked and talked just like one of the Beatles! He said, " hop in mates". We stared at him in shock and slowly got in:)) It was quite a ride and turns out he is from Liverpool. We took his card and are looking forward to the next ride.
RMICC - Tell us about Manchester cuisine…
B Kids Workshops - Their fish and chips are amazing!  We enjoyed the breakfast they usually present.  Happily we found good foodWe think that Tocabe would be very popular in Manchester.
RMICC - Tell us about the people of Manchester…
B Kids Workshops -We found them to be very friendly and open to our work and we really enjoyed them. Everyone that we met was so kind and helpful. We purchased something at the Christmas market and forgot it. Late that night the shop owner found our hotel  and returned it to us. He had searched several hotels for us until he found us.
RMICC - How did you navigate the city?  Tips for other business travelers?
B Kids Workshops - Often by taxi or über. We asked for directions from local people many different times.
RMICC - Was there an interest in American Indian Business/Culture?
B Kids Workshops - Yes, we found great interest from everyone that we talk to.
RMICC - What is the ONE thing you MUST pack when returning to Manchester?
B Kids Workshops - An umbrella that will not flip in the wind as well some good walking shoes.
RMICC - Any suggestions or heads up for future Manchester Business Travelers?
B Kids Workshops - We enjoyed staying in the jury inn hotel.
RMICC - Has anything exciting happened since your return? (related to your travel)
B Kids Workshops - We are in more contact with the director of Brockwook school which is one of the student center experiential learning schools

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