June 14, 2018 (126 days ago)
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First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) today announced the selection of 21 American Indian organizations and tribes, in 15 states from Hawaii to Massachusetts, to receive grants through its Native Youth and Culture Fund (NYCF) for the 2018-19 funding cycle. The grants total $400,000. (read more)
51 days ago · From Shadana Sultan
From 2015 to 2017, First Nations Development Institute (First Nations), under its Native Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative (NAFSI), awarded 46 grants to Native communities for food-related projects, as well as funding for two important conferences (read more)
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First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) today announced the 12 inaugural grantees under the first year of its three-year Native Language Immersion Initiative (NLII). Each grantee receives $90,000 in funding (read more)
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A recently-concluded project aimed at improving nutrition and helping alleviate hunger for Native American children has proven highly successful, according to a new report by First Nations Development Institute (First Nations). (read more)
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Groundbreaking Research Reveals America’s Attitudes, Public Perceptions and Dominant Narratives about Native People and Native Issues, and Provides Opportunities for “Reclaiming Native Truth” (read more)
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Native American Stories: A Continuing Blog Series

Jaaji (Father) for Father's Day

By Lance Tallmadge (Ho-Chunk)
Fitness Specialist at Ho-Chunk House of Wellness
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
(Lance is the father of Kendall Tallmadge, who is First Nations Development Institute’s Lead Grants Officer.)

Dad, father, jaaji (in Ho-Chunk) are the terms we use to name the man whose seed we come from. We all have a father. Some of us were born out of love, some were a "surprise." Regardless of the circumstances, the Creator brought us into this world.

"It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father," said Pope John Paul XXIII.

I was blessed to have had a loving, caring, hard-working father who was there every day to support each of his children. I've also been blessed with two beautiful daughters who, as cliché as it may sound, are the pride and joy of my life. Even though they may not think about it, they honor me and their lineage with their caring hearts and the passion they have for what they believe in and how they treat others. I am honored and humbled that they call me dad! ....

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Mayor Hancock, Commissions Honor Individuals and Groups that Bring Denver Together and Serve Others (read more)
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The Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) has hired Colorado State Senator Irene Aguilar, M.D., as the director of Denver’s Neighborhood Equity and Stabilization Team (NEST). (read more)
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This month First Peoples Fund and partners Lakota Funds and Artspace broke ground on Oglala Lakota Artspace, an 8,500-square-foot Native arts and cultural center on the Pine Ridge Reservation. (read more)
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The Colorado Indian Education Foundation (CIEF) announces the list of scholarship recipients, to be awarded at the American Indian Achievement Awards. (read more)
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Local Action to Improve Child Welfare Over the last several years, NICWA members have asked how they can be more involved in strengthening Indian child welfare–nationally and at home. (read more)
17 days ago · From Shadana Sultan

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