January 24, 2017 (210 days ago)
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Help Grassroots Native Organizations Meet the Challenge!

Longmont, Colorado (December 2016) – We have incredible news! Again this year, a generous donor has announced that they will MATCH contributions for each Native American organization featured on up to $500 each from December 12, 2016, to Jan. 31, 2017.

Created by and for Native people, this giving platform exists to raise awareness of the remarkable initiatives making a real difference in the lives of Native children and families. All of the participating organizations are small, community-based nonprofits that rely on grants and generous donations to do good work in their communities. was developed by First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) because it recognizes that Native American youth are the very future of our communities.  Ensuring their well-being is crucial to the prosperity of Native communities.

Will you please help them meet their matching-gift challenge? Your gift of $10 will become $20 with the match, and $20 will become $40. Double your impact today!

If you make a donation to any of the organizations through the fundraising platform, it will be matched by this generous donor – dollar for dollar –until we hit a total of $500 in gifts for each of the eight organizations. That’s $4,000 in additional funding for Native organizations! Give today to double the impact of your gift to any one or more of these organizations.

And, of course, your gift to us is tax-deductible as allowed by law. Give before December 31st to qualify for 2016 tax benefits!

Beyond the match, your gift will have even more power!  That’s because each of the organizations is eligible for additional incentives that will help further their missions. A generous donor has pledged to award the following prizes: The Community Investment Award for the organization that raises the highest amount of support (1st Prize: $600 and 2nd Prize: $400), the Impact Award for the organization that enlists the highest number of gifts (1st Prize: $600 and 2nd Prize: $400) and the Engagement Award: For the organization with the highest number of supporters who gave in prior years (1st Prize: $600 and 2nd Prize: $400). That’s an additional $3,000 that will be invested in grassroots initiatives! Help one of these organizations earn more funding by giving today!

Please give now, because match and prize opportunities will end at midnight on January 31. A gift to a grassroots Native initiative on will allow organizations to greatly increase their reach and effectiveness in each of their communities. #GiveNative today!

About is a project of First Nations Development Institute. is dedicated to strengthening and improving the lives of Native children and families while raising awareness of the needs of the communities we serve. Consistent with Native American values of sharing and reciprocity, the goal of this unique initiative is to increase giving to philanthropic efforts in Native communities. aims to direct more investments to worthy nonprofits such as those featured on the site. The featured nonprofits have developed successful and innovative projects that promote educated kids, healthy kids and secure families.

Find a great organization to support and double your gift!


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