November 21, 2014 (1733 days ago)
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Bureau of Land Management Welcomes RMICC for American Indian Heritage Month


11/20/2014 Lakewood, CO - The Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management welcomed RMICC during American Indian Heritage Month.  Executive Director, Shadana Tokaheya Win Sultan was on hand to speak with employees.  She presented "American Indian Overview: Relevant, Modern, and Traditional" to share the reach and influence the Denver Market has in Indian Country.  In a commitment to diversity and outreach, the Bureau of Land Management provides employees with opportunities to meet and learn about diverse cultures in the market.

BLM Lands are often thought of as being America's Playground and public lands in Colorado are no exception.  In Colorado, people rely on the public land for many uses such as recreation, cultural or historical tourism, and traditional uses like livestock grazing and mining.  Coloradoans, and visitors to the state, are looking to the public lands more and more – whether it is for the solitude of a historic trail or for the benefits of energy development.

The BLM manages 8.4 million acres of public lands in Colorado – ranging from 4,000 to over 14,000 feet in elevation – along with 29 million acres of subsurface mineral estate.  BLM public lands include alpine tundra, colorful canyons, and majestic mesas.  The agency manages these lands for a multitude of uses, including recreation, mining, wildlife habitat, wilderness, energy development, and livestock grazing.

The BLM is committed to promoting the stewardship of healthy ecosystems and healthy communities in the present and for future generations. Community-based citizen stewardship begins with people taking care of special places. By involving communities and partners in a collaborative decision making process to manage their landscapes, integrating community and land management issues, the BLM expands its capacity to create innovative solutions and build sustainable partnerships.

At the conclusion of the event, Ruth Welch -State Director COSO and Janet Cheney -EEO Manager presented Shadana with a Certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Bureau of land Management Colorado State Office.

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