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Address 112655 W 54th Dr
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Milender White Construction CO & US Facilities Management, LLC


Native Owned Construction Company.

Lead on Denver Union Station Project Renovation, $41Mil


Please fill out the American Indian Scholars Application for consideration of one of the $2K Milender White Scholarships.


Milender White Construction Co. (MWCC) is a Colorado-based general contractor, providing comprehensive pre-construction and construction management services. The firm brings extensive experience to complex construction projects, both negotiated and competitively bid. MWCC is broken up into four divisions: Rocky Mountain, Special Projects, MW Solar and MW Telecom Group. In 2010, MWCC acquired USFM as a wholly owned subsidiary.

The company has successfully managed high-rise projects, historic preservation and restoration projects, multi-family apartments/condominiums, military housing, affordable housing, renewable energy projects, high tech, hospitality, industrial, K-12, municipal, office, structured parking, recreation and retail.

We are proud of our record for enjoying close relationships with a large number of long-term, like-minded clients and have an enviable amount of repeat business.


MWCC Contractor's License No.'s

  • Arizona - KB-1 Dual Building Contractor 278227
  • California - Gen Bldg B-938970
  • Colorado - Various Municipalities
  • Nebraska - GC 38254
  • Nevada - B Gen Bldg 0076355
  • New Mexico - GB98 369611
  • North Dakota - Class A 40737
  • South Dakota - Cert of Auth. FB034696
  • Texas - Cert of Filing 801566162
  • Washington - GC MILENWC894P
  • Wyoming - Various Municipalities

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Milender White Construction Co.’s dedication to diversity and inclusion of all employees, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, socio-economic background, sexual preference, or other legally protected classification places our firm and employees in the best position to deliver outstanding products and solutions for our clients.

Milender White Construction Co.’s commitment to a workplace free from discrimination or inequitable treatment especially requires that we attract members of historically under-represented minority groups. Diversity and inclusion encourage tolerance and challenge us to look at situations from differing perspectives. Cultural diversity is a strong driver in recruiting the brightest and most capable individuals, and creating an environment where they are fully engaged in their jobs and communities.

Pine Ridge Justice Complex

Pine Ridge, SD

The Pine Ridge Justice Center is a free-standing, 93,469 sq. ft. facility combining all judicial and law enforcement functions into a single structure.  Functional areas include four court rooms, offices for the Attorney General and Public Defender, 64 adult and 18 juvenile holding cells, and all Public Safety administrative offices including 911 dispatch and a crime lab.

Funded by a grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the facility’s LEED® design will serve as a model for future BIA tribal projects.

The facility incorporates a number of important tribal and cultural elements, including an outdoor ceremonial circular courtyard and restorative justice courtroom.

In the Lakota religion, the circle represents wholeness – the Sacred Hoop of Life – and the circular design of the Justice Center represents the Lakota circle of life.

Green Project Components:
-   Pursuing LEED® Silver certification
-   Geothermal heating/cooling
-   High efficiency mechanical systems
-   Enhanced commissioning
-   Construction phase recycling
-   Natural day lighting in the courtrooms
-   Use of sustainable materials and practices

Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety

Venture Architects

Project Location
Pine Ridge, SD

Oglala Sioux Radio Communication Tower

Pine Ridge, SD

MW Telecom Group (MWTG) designed and built a new 200’ self-supporting radio communication tower on the Oglala Sioux reservation. To enable future antenna loading, MWTG designed a 30% reserve capacity into the tower and foundation. Due to the 90 mph wind speed requirement and poor soils quality, the design required customized tower geometry and a large pad foundation. 

The Oglala Sioux Tribe previously facilitated communications over a 520 MHz channel broadcast from a tower 20 miles away. The new tower holds the equipment for the 520 MHz channel and the new P25 compliant Motorola equipment used for statewide emergency communications. A security system with active image recognition for real time visual surveillance was also installed.  

Working with the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO), MWTG solicited 25+ Oglala companies to work on the tower and foundation. The project is part of the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s initiative to improve inter-reservation communications.

Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety


Project Location
Pine Ridge, SD


Green Project
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