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People and Communities

We support our people and our brewing communities by investing in their future. Through mentoring, educating and networking, we provide the tools and opportunities to promote growth and positive change both inside and outside our company.

Internally, we teach our employees valuable skills to help them grow into more effective team members and managers. Externally, we focus on educating and empowering others. Our programs give people the opportunity to learn, share their ideas and grow professionally and personally.

Great people and healthy communities are essential ingredients to creating America’s best beer company. We believe it’s important to help develop our employees’ careers, celebrate our diversity and create a safe, inclusive and engaging work environment. We seek diversity, and we leverage diversity by creating an inclusive environment where ideas flourish and meet our customers’ needs.  We also dedicate our time and resources to improve environmental and social conditions in our brewing communities.


2015 Goal: Recognition as one of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For®

Placement on the list of best companies is based on a third-party evaluation of a company’s policies and culture and a survey of the company’s employees. While we have not yet achieved this goal, we continue to improve our performance as an employer. We have developed plans that will help us achieve our goals, and we hope these will also allow us to gain recognition on the list. We will apply again in 2015, and look forward to receiving the results in 2016. We are using
what we have learned to refine our overall business strategy, improve our approach to diversity and inclusion, and address workplace challenges identified
by our employees.

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