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Tysen J. Manross In my life, I have spent 21 years in Phoenix Arizona and 26 years in Colorado guess that makes me 47 years old now. Growing up, I was active in church, varsity sports and made the rank of Eagle in Boys Scouts. After graduating from Grand Junction High School, I attended Mesa State College and I served in the Arizona Army National Guard where I was then deployed to the 1st Persian Gulf War in 1990 (Operation Desert Storm). The leadership skills that I had learned while growing up were put into practice. I received an Army Accommodation medal for leading my squad in multiple missions during the conflict. When I returned to the states I then pursued a career in construction. Within two years from the start of my construction career I was brought into the corporate office to become the equipment manager overseeing Colorado and Arizona. After doing that for five years, in 2000, at the age of 29, I decided to go into business for myself. The company was named Tusca II, Inc., a general contracting company in Grand Junction and Denver, Colorado. Since I was a registered Creek Indian and a Veteran, I went through the process to certify the company in the SBA system. Between our certifications and excellent reputation, it enabled Tusca II, Inc. to receive and complete over 350 construction projects in Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming & Texas with Privet owners, State agencies, NASA, Bechtel, Forest Service, VA, GSA, Fish & Wildlife and the NRCS. The majority of the projects were hospital additions and remodels for the VA. We grew so fast that we made the INC 500 list of “America’s fastest Growing Private Companies” with 394% between 2002-2005. In 2006 I received the “Excellence in Entrepreneurship” award by the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, Mesa State College and the Western Colorado Business Incubator Center. Between 2004 – 2010 I was asked to sit on many different boards and participate in many different events. In 2008, I moved to Denver, Colorado and by March 1, 2010 I had sold out my interest to my other two partners to pursue another business opportunity and to search for a new career path in life. For the past six years, I have been consulting with small to mid-size companies that had gotten into a little bit of trouble and needed help getting turned around. While doing this, I had seen a need for good knowledgeable bonding agents, so here I am helping companies obtain standard rate bonding by developing a bonding program for their company.

Surety 101

  • Opening –

    • By definition

    • History of bonding dating back to 2750 BC

    • Heard Act 1894 to the Miller act 1935

  • Types of bonds

    • Commercial bonds

    • Contract bonds

  • Underwriting

    • Not an insurance policy

    • Zero loss underwriting

    • What they look for

  • The 3 C’s

    • Character

    • Capacity

    • Capital

  • The Broker

    • The role they play

    • The relationship with underwriting

    • The duties of a broker

    • The qualities to look for in a broker

  • Questions and Answers

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