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Brian Wilkerson is the Managing Director for Revolution Advisors, a strategy and planning consulting firm. Mr. Wilkerson is a deep specialist in driving innovative strategies and using cutting-edge planning techniques to help organizations secure their future. He is particularly known for his ability to help organizations develop and implement “Counter-Intuitive Strategies” that leverage emerging trends to lead to breakthrough performance transformation.  Mr. Wilkerson has extensive experience in leading strategy development and operational improvement efforts across a range of clients in both domestic and international settings, with a particular emphasis on making strategy successful through the combination of operational excellence and human capital management. Some of his key clients have included Yamaha, Hasbro, MGM MIRAGE, Edison International, CableLabs, Johns Manville, Western Union, the US General Services Administration, the Department of Defense and a host of other global enterprises and government agencies, where he has worked with senior executive teams to help them develop new strategies, improve their operations and supply chain, and align their Human Capital management strategies.


Market Research- Using Market Intelligence to Drive Your Business

Ever wish you could know exactly where your next customer would come from? Or what the next hot product or market trend would be? How about what your competitors will do next? Successful businesses leverage market research to gain these kind of insights, but many businesses today mistake Google searches with market intelligence. How do you sort through the overload of information to get true market insights that can help drive your business? This webinar will provide insight into the tools and techniques that you can use to help make critical business decisions and drive business success.


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