The Society for Wilderness Stewardship is in the process of hiring for Wilderness Fellows. This is a position for individuals with a bachelor’s degree and at least a year of applicable experience or advanced education.
Fellowships are six months long, with a few extending up to a year. The Fellowship begins with a one or two week training early this summer in Powell, Idaho, with travel paid to and from the Fellows' home to training. 
The work supports the goal of enhancing wilderness management. The type of projects are diverse, from wilderness character monitoring, to writing wilderness education plans, to assisting in outfitting permitting processes, to conducting cultural resource monitoring. 
Fellows also engage in strategic planning, data collection, agency staff interviewing and coordination, and scientific writing. Fellows report to the SWS National Program Coordinator, and are lined out for work on the ground by local agency staff. It is roughly 80% office based and 20% field based, and is performed at federal land management agency offices, typically in Montana, Colorado, Utah, Alaska, Arkansas, Missouri, or California.
Here's the link 
to see a more detailed position description. 
They are due by Mar. 2, but there may be some flexibility in that deadline. Questions should be directed to Kat Lyons, SWS National Program Coordinator<>.
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