IRC39328 Manager, Data Sciences and Analytics: Hiring range $94,624-$157,706 Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration,
Decision Science, Mathematics, Analytics, Engineering or a similar discipline. Master’s degree preferred. A minimum of
three years of experience in statistical analysis or data analysis- the ability to compile, code, categorize, calculate,
tabulate, audit, and verify information and/or data.
Proficiency in research and data analysis with close attention to detail and problem solving skills. A minimum of five years
of experience with software such as Oracle ERP modules, OBIEE, IBM SPSS, Minitab, SAS, JMP, Genstat, STATISTICA,
BMDP, LIMDEP, LISREL, NCSS, SigmStat, Stata, Statgraphics, StatsDirect, R Project or Unistat.

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