Attached is a pre-advertisement outreach notice for an upcoming job opportunity with the Forest Service – Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS).  This outreach is for a Public Affairs Specialist (GS-1035-9/11: $55,027 - $86,553) located in Fort Collins.  Outreach Responses Due:  Oct 27.  If interested, please complete the form and submit resume.


About RMRS

The Rocky  Mountain Research Station (RMRS) is rooted in the geography of the Interior West and is an integrated part of the Research and Development branch of the USDA Forest Service. R&D is unique in its ability to provide independent, management-focused science and long-term data for the natural resource questions of today and tomorrow. RMRS has 14 laboratories in 12 different states and our work is global in scope. RMRS’ greatest asset is our network of over 400 employees that work in business and administrative operations; science application and communication; and across a spectrum of biological, ecological, physical, and social science disciplines. Our scientists are at the cutting-edge of natural resources research.


About Fort Collins, Colorado

Situated on the Cache La Poudre River along the Colorado Front Range, Fort Collins is located 56 mi (90 km) north of the Denver. Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University and has an estimated population of 161,000 (2016). Fort Collins offers a lifestyle that suits nearly all demographics. It is family-friendly with bike trails and parks throughout the town. It is frequently referred to as the Napa Valley of beer due to the large number of craft breweries in town. There are ample recreation opportunities in town and in the surrounding area, with the nearest ski area located one hour away.

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Kimberly Nguyen 
Equal Opportunity (EO) Specialist

Forest Service

Rocky Mountain Civil Rights Service Center R2/RMRS

p: 303-275-5080 
f: 303-275-5502

1617 Cole Boulevard, Building 17
Lakewood, CO 80401 

Caring for the land and serving people


This is an interest notification for a permanent full-time Public Affairs Specialist position with the

USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station

The Rocky Mountain Research Station will soon be advertising for a permanent Public Affairs Specialist,
GS-1035-9/11 on the Science Application and Communication (SA&C) staff. The successful candidate is
responsible for supporting Station Public Affairs and Science Delivery efforts. The ideal candidate would
have strong writing skills, a background in science and/or natural resource management and be a team
player. The SA&C staff is a high-performing team that serves as a corporate resource for all Station
employees. We plan to advertise and fill this position as soon as possible.
DUTY STATION: Fort Collins, CO – Rocky Mountain Research Station Headquarters. The Rocky Mountain
Research Station is one of seven units that make up the USDA Forest Service Research and Development
organization. RMRS maintains 14 research locations throughout a 12-state territory encompassing the
Great Basin, Southwest, Rocky Mountains, and parts of the Great Plains. The Station employs over 400
permanent full-time employees, including roughly 100 research scientists. Interested candidates can
visit the RMRS website at .
 Develops content and approaches for communicating Station research to a broad audience.
 Prepares information in a variety of forms, including print and online, for dissemination to help
inform the general public, land managers, and other stakeholders.
 Works with media to coordinate and promote Station research.
 Advises on how to present information on controversial, complicated and technical issues.
 Writes, edits and prepares news releases and science dissemination products for press, radio,
television, social media, the web and online forums.
 Organizes and conducts workshops, field trips, or other forums to foster public understanding of
scientific information generated by the Station.
QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Those who are interested must meet the qualification requirements
for the GS-1035 series that are covered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Group
Coverage Qualification Standards for Administrative and Management Positions. The OPM Qualification
Standards Handbook Manual is available for review on the Internet at .
Primary Contact: Jennifer Hayes, Acting Assistant Station Director, Science Application &
Phone Number: 970-498-1365
E-mail address:
If you are interested, please send Jennifer Hayes the attached Outreach Notice Form and a resume no
later than October 27, 2018.

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Rocky Mountain Research Station
Public Affairs Specialist

If you are interested, please complete this form and send it by e-mail to
Please respond with a copy of your resume no later than October 27, 2018.
Please attach a resume.
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