The Minority Business Office is now accepting applications for the 2019 MBO Business Awards!

The Minority Business Awards is an honor bestowed upon businesses who have contributed to the economic diversity and success of minority communities in Colorado.  In order to give fair and equitable recognition to these role models in our communities, the following categories will dictate award nominees by region and size:


  • Micro (1-5 FT employees)
  • Small (6-12 FT employees)
  • Medium (13-50 FT employees)
  • Large (51+ FT employees)

One business in each size category will be awarded in each region; up to 16 for-profit businesses will be awarded.

Businesses must have a minimum of two years of operations to be eligible for these awards.

Self-nominations are acceptable.

Award benefits include:

Scoring criteria:

  • How does the business demonstrate diversity in its community (i.e. hiring practices, diverse clientele, multiple languages, cultural competency training, diversity in marketing and advertising)
  • How effectively does the business engage with community resources, partners and events?
  • Does the business create and retain jobs in Colorado?
  • How significantly does the company contribute back to its community?
Nominations are due February 4, 2019. Questions? Contact us.
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